Profiles: Using time-saving profiles

Profiles are a collection of settings used to convert graphics files from one format to another and/or modify them. Profiles can be created, modified and saved. Use preset profiles to reduce time it takes to convert images to minimum.

Let’s have a look at the task of converting 200 images from TIFF to JPEG with improving their sharpness andchanging their size:


  • Adjust settings of Resize operation as displayed in the picture:


  • Select Sharpen filter from Color Effects dropdown list.

We won’t change other settings as we’re quite happy with them.

Press Start button. Wait till conversion is finished.

Save the newly created profile for further usage:

  • Press Save As button.
  • Enter an understandable file name, for example, JPEG-SHARPEN-RESIZE.

Now this profile is available or conversion. Next time, just select this profile and all images will be converted in accordance with its settings.