Creating your own blog (Preparing images for a blog)

When you create your personal blog at different blog service providers, you may also like to add images to it. You can add images to your posts, your profile or other pages in your blog. Different blog sites have different rules and restrictions in case of images. Some will have restrictions in the format of the image, they will allow only, JPEG, GIF or SNG formats, some will allow only a fixed resolution images. So, you have to modify and prepare images for a blog. Preparing images for a blog has some steps. You have to follow these steps for preparing images for a blog.

Image Converter Plus can be a great help here for you. It will help you in modifying your images and preparing images for a blog. You can change the formats as well as the resolution to fit the rules of the blog site. Change the size of the images and compress it if needed. Use Image Converter Plus and modify the same image to suit different blog sites. It is very simple to use and you just have to follow several steps, which are very easy.

Make the file smaller in size. Also reduce the width and height of the images. It will give some extra space for your texts, banners, navigation tabs etc along with the image. While saving files for web use, you can remove the spaces in between. If needed, you can use underscores or hyphens to separate two different words.

Resize your images. Resizing is an important part of preparing images for a blog. You may have to resize your images which are very big. Make your images small for using in your blog. Most of the images you create or find out in other places are generally not suitable for using in your blog as they are big in size. Before using them resize them to a smaller size.

The physical size of your images is another important factor in preparing images for a blog. See the actual size of the original image. See how many bytes, kilo bytes or mega bytes are there in the image. If the size is bigger, you will have to compress it to a smaller file size. The general optimum size for an image may be 50 KB. The bigger the size is, the more time it will need to load the page. Bigger size images will make the page loading slower. So, compress it to a suitable size.

Read the rules of the blog sites before you upload any images in it. Use softwares like Image Converter Plus to modify the image according to the need. You can resize, compress, change format by using it. It is easily available for download.

Author: Bikash Kalita