What is batch image conversion?

Image Converter Plus is a professional image converter. Image Converter Pluscan be used in the same way to convert one single file as well as hundreds of files and folders. When you choose a group of files or a folder with photos, all images are added to the conversion list. Conversion of any quantity of […]

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Resize image

Image Converter Plus provides its users with Resize functionality. Resizing images is changing size of an image or a photo. Image resizer allows you to change source image size and proportion. Image resizer adjusts image size to fit the needed value using various scale modes and proportion calculations depending on settings used. Image Converter Plus

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Interface: Starting conversion. Progress bar.

Specify conversion options. View conversion results using preview option. If everything looks OK, press “Start” button located in the right bottom corner of Image Converter Plus window. Depending on conversion complexity, the process takes some time. While converting, “Start” button turns to“Stop” button. While converting, you’ll see the progress bar and conversion process information line.

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Interface: Save converted images to

In this group, you can choose one of predefined paths or specify your destination path. To specify a predefined path, press button and select the needed path from the list. Besides choosing destination path, some other options are available in this group: Convert with subfolders – set this option to automatically mirror source directory structure;

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Interface: Output formats

Image Converter Plus allows choosing from most popular output file formats: So you can select a format must suitable for your current task. To select a format, expand the dropdown list displayed in the picture and select one of available plugins: Select a format and adjust it for the needed task. To do it, press

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Interface: Which operations are available in Image Converter Plus?

Before conversion process starts, Image Converter Plus allows performing various actions to modify source images in accordance with added operations. Below is the list of operations included into the standard shipment of the program: To add operations, you should do the following: Click Add operation link. Select an operation from the menu that appears. Expand

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Interface: Choosing profiles

Each profile contains the following information: about added operations and settings of these operations; about selected graphics file format and its settings; about destination path for the resulting file and other settings of destination path; about file name format. Creating a new profile To create a new profile, you can press New button located in

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Interface: Sorting images

When you add a file to image list, the file is added to the bottom of the list. This allows you to control file order in image list. Besides, you can sort image list basing on file parameters. This may be needed if you want to create a single multipage file from images added to

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User Interface

Image Converter Plus interface is divided into several parts: The upper part of the interactive window. It is permanent and is used to select preset profiles. The lower part of the interactive window. It is permanent and is used to start or stop conversion. It also displays conversion process. The middle part of the interactive

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Color Effects

Image Converter Plus allows changing image colors. All available color changes are available through Color Effects function and applied with the help of Apply dropdown menu. When added once, Color effects function can apply only one color effect. To add one more effect, add one more Color effects function. Blur effect Blur filters soften a

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PicasaWeb is a free online service for storing and editing images, creating collages and exchanging images over the Internet. PicasaWeb from Google is a convenient way to store and backup digital images remotely. Even if something happens to your computer or flash drive, your pictures at PicasaWeb are safe. However, since Google limits the amount

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