How fCoder Imaging SDK is Different

Press Release (For immediate release)
Sep 17, 2009

CEO of fCoder Group, Inc. shares her view on the release of fCoder Imaging SDK planned for release in December 2009.

Alexandria, VA September 17, 2009 — How does fCoder Imaging SDK stand out among the other imaging solutions available on the market? Laisan Shafikova, CEO of fCoder Group, Inc. provides the answer:

“Our solution suits far more software vendors than any other engine. What we offer is not a kernel for a graphics package, but the entry point of a program.

Even if you have a mail program, our solution will extend tremendously the existing features of your product in terms of its support of images. Mail programs are usually able to display images, and now these can be in virtually any format.

Our engine is one that consists of “codecs,” which can “encode” hundreds of graphic formats. Once it supplies your program with these decoded images, that program processes those images just as it was intended to do.

Our customers obtain a product that is extremely stable and offers extraordinary quality. Clearly, stability and quality are values that are always supposed to be present in a program. However, graphics engines often fail to provide these values capably, or they lose their functionality because they fail to remain up to date. This is especially true, for instance, with the most recent RAW files or the changing standards associated with images. But the biggest challenges come with images that don’t correspond to specifications, are damaged, or are extensions of a standard for specific formats.

Notably, we specialize in those types of images. Every day, we collect damaged files from our customers all over the world. If the image can still be displayed, then fCoder Imaging SDK will display it. If it is damaged irretrievably, then your program, with the help of our engine, will handle the situation correctly.

There is a wide range of graphics engines available on the market, but all of them offer a graphics kernel. Meanwhile, we concentrate on reading graphics files. Our more than 10-years of experience enables us to set the bar for quality and capability in our field.

We offer very a attractive licensing system. In short, it is a very competitive solution, and we believe that we have the distinct chance of providing the standard in the graphics formats reading sphere. Our wide presence among developers will certainly help us that distinction.”

The first public version of fCoder Imaging SDK is planned for release in December 2009.