Bring your memories home

Whenever you are out and about either walking or driving in your car, always remember to take your camera. Many times when out for a drive, you will turn a corner and come across a scene that is just crying out to be photographed. Standing in a beautiful landscape, we can easily see and feel its beauty. Capturing its beauty, however, is a much harder process. The most relevant topic in photography is the type of lighting and how to use it for the best possible result in your photographs. If you are a photographer the importance of correct photography lighting techniques need not be overemphasized. Light effects create prize winning photographs that the great connoisseurs of art crave for. To make the subject easier you can use the technique called HDRI, where multiple exposures of the same scene are captured. HDRI is a relatively new trend in photography, which enables the reproduction of a wider range of light intensity levels than what is possible using regular photographic methods. Using HDRI, some photographers are able to depict everything from sunlight to firelight in ways that are normally hard to catch. To discover the full potential of ImageConverter Plus you should try its ability to process HDR photos saved in EXR format, converting them to other graphic formats allowing HDR method, or vise versa.