Vitaly Doroshin comments on the future release of the fCoder Imaging SDK

Press Release (For immediate release)
Aug 28, 2009

fCoder Group, Inc. has confirmed its plans regarding the fCoder Imaging SDK. Vitaly Doroshin, the president of fCoder Group, Inc. comments on this future release.

“The fCoder Imaging SDK is intended to open and save graphics files. It extends dramatically the program’s features related to graphics without influencing the program’s core capabilities. Thus, it can be considered as an entry point for a program using it,” said Mr. Doroshin.

“This is not just another imaging SDK. Instead, we have focused on providing a complete solution for reading graphics formats. Through our SDK, we strive to ensure maximum security for customers, by which we mean the ability to read and display any image – including damaged images – that would otherwise be unreadable. This can cause a problem-and sometimes even a threat-for customers who have not received the correct data,” remarked Mr. Doroshin.

The first public version of the SDK is planned for release in December 2009. Notably, the Android and Linux versions of the SDK will be available free of charge. All of the features available in fCoder’s Image Converter Plus will be present in the forthcoming SDK.

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