Easy and standardized conversion of up to 800 image formats

Press Release (For immediate release)
Sep 2, 2009

Professional Image Conversion with ImageConverter Plus for private and corporate applications.

Software Design Company fCoder, based in the USA, with an engineering division headquartered in Moscow, has created a German version of image conversion software. This enables the multifunction conversion of single images or complete directories of images in just a few, quick steps. Considering defined parameters, such as size, graphic format, and other fine-tuning adjustments, an unlimited number of photos, fax files, or various image files can be converted to almost any number of predefined formats and standard sizes.

Processing of more than 200 common, and many not-so-common graphic formats

Regardless of the source, ImageConverter Plus is able to read virtually all of the most commonly used formats, ranging from JPG, BMP, GIF, and TIF from Photoshop-PSD, to the rather infrequently used formats, such as PICT (Macintosh) and SNP (Microsoft). ImageConverter Plus can convert all of these-flawlessly-to a standard format. Even corrupted PDF files can be converted to the standard PDF/A format.

“Send us graphic files that seem illegible. We’ll analyze them, and then change them to a standard format.”

“We collect the rarest graphic files worldwide, which no other application can convert. We love these kinds of challenges, and encourage users who have files in these formats to send them to us for analysis”, says Laisan Shafikova, the CEO of fCoder Group. “Currently, we are able to convert 200 image formats and more than 800 variations to standard formats.”

Integrated image processing – changing size, resolution, and much more

ImageConverter Plus is not only capable of the conversion of images, but also the professional processing of images. Resolutions can be changed, images can be resized, rotated, mirrored, and/or cropped, and the contrast, brightness, gamma, or color profile can be corrected as well. To ensure that the rights to your own image cannot be violated by third parties, a watermark can be applied. To facilitate easy archiving and relocation of files, individual or large numbers of images can be set up to be renamed automatically.

Simple and efficient use

With predefined settings saved as profiles, images can be converted repeatedly using the same specifications. Using profiles, the order of complex sequential tasks can be automated and applied to individual image files. It can also be used in batch mode for a large number of image files, thus increasing efficiency even more. In this way, operational errors that can occur during manual conversions of individual or multiple images can be avoided.

The 2-click conversion

The use of this feature is quite simple. Individual images can be previewed from the Windows user interface by right clicking the file. Another mouse movement will select the desired, predefined graphic format, and a second click will determine the location where the converted file will be saved. Defaults and the corresponding settings can be adjusted through the ImageConverter Plus interface, or it can be created from scratch.


ImageConverter Plus can be used for private as well as business applications. Technical draftsmen, graphic design engineers, and professional photographers, as well as publishing companies, research groups, and publicity and marketing agencies can benefit-essentially, everyone who utilizes digital photos or another kind of digital image will see the tremendous value of ImageConverter Plus.

Pricing and availability

ImageConverter Plus is available in German, English, and French, runs on all recent Windows operating systems, and requires little RAM.

The product can be purchased through fCoder’s online shop at www.imageconverterplus.de or through European distributors and retailers for 41.65 Euro, including VAT.

Corporations receive attractive quantity discounts when purchasing multiple licenses. For example, 5 licenses are only 21 Euro each. Starting at 10 workstations, each license is 19 Euro, and starting at 20 licenses, the product can be purchased for 16 Euro each, plus VAT, respectively.

About fCoder Group, Inc

Founded in 1998, fCoder Group, Inc. is a software developer specializing in document imaging, image processing and digital photo editing applications. Its products are used by individuals, businesses, educational environments and government institutions worldwide. Its best selling products are Universal Document Converter, Image Converter Plus and PhotoMix. For more information, visit the company’s website at http://www.fcoder.com