Image Converter Plus development plans

Press Release (For immediate release)
Jul 30, 2009

Alexandria, VA (July 30, 2009) – The fCoder Group, Inc. announced plans for development of its image conversion software Image Converter Plus.

Image Converter Plus will continue to develop support of various image file formats with focus on their peculiarities and features. The complete reading support of graphics files is a priority in development of the product.

The Image Converter Plus graphics engine will be marketed as a separate product targeted toward software developers who want to integrate reading support of graphics formats into their applications. “We’ve been developing our graphics engine for 10 years, and now it’s time to let other software developers utilize our in-depth knowledge of graphics formats,” said Vitaly Doroshin, President of fCoder Group, Inc.

Image viewer MyViewpad will be added to the general license package of Image Converter Plus. This viewer does not interfere with image viewers that the user already has installed on his computer and will only provide support for formats that are not currently viewable by any other viewer. It will also allow users to view all images that they can convert with Image Converter Plus.

About fCoder Group, Inc

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