Share Photos with Two Clicks: Highlights of Image Converter Plus 8.0

Press Release (For immediate release)
Oct 7, 2009

The soon-to-be-released Image Converter Plus 8.0 will allow users to re-size and send photos to friends in just two clicks.

Alexandria, VA October 7, 2009 — Laisan Shafikova, CEO of fCoder Group, Inc, explains the new feature to be introduced in Image Converter Plus 8.0 – sending photos via email with two clicks:

“The modern Internet is all about sharing, and photos are the most natural things to share – especially when they contain portraits. There are many ways to share photos, and one of them is by using online photo albums. But if you want to share a specific photo with only a few people and don’t want to make it public, restricting access to a photo can become a real pain.”

“An easier way to share a photo with a limited number of people is to send it to them via e-mail. But here comes another problem – you need to resize the photos before sending them since not all mailboxes can handle 10 of your lovely 12 megapixel photos.”

“But what if you could resize and share your photos without having to do a lot of meaningless, routine actions? This becomes possible in Image Converter Plus 8.0 since this new version will feature an option to send images via e-mail. You can combine sending the photo with other features, such as resizing or adding a watermark, and even saving it as a new profile. That way (among other things), you’ll be able to reduce the size of your photos, convert them to jpeg (if you had them in RAW), and send them to your friends and family. And all this in just two clicks!” – says Laisan Shafikova.

See this and the many new features that will be included in the upcoming Image Converter Plus 8.0.

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