fCoder Group, Inc. Localizes Image Software for German Users

Press Release (For immediate release)
Jun 18, 2009

Speed, quality and ease of use make ImageConverter Plus

a natural choice for home and office management of graphics.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (June 18, 2009) – A newly improved, German language version of ImageConverter Plus has been launched by fCoder Group, Inc., a software company based in Virginia.

The ImageConverter Plus software is designed to quickly process huge batches of photos and other graphics with minimal hands-on interaction, saving time for more important tasks. The software supports numerous formats as well as right-click manipulation in Windows Explorer, allowing users to select uniform image size, file format and destination folders for the automatic conversion of any large group of photos, faxes and other types of images.

Developers have worked diligently to maximize the performance of this premium localized software, while ensuring ease of use for everyday customers. It is sophisticated enough to use in a demanding, fast-paced professional setting, but serves as an easy-to-use tool for individuals who wish to use it privately.

“We are thrilled to offer this premium edition of our image conversion software. We know our German clients are a discerning bunch and will appreciate the quality of workmanship in this new product,” said Laisan Shafikova, CEO of fCoder Group, Inc.

Image Converter Plus allows various actions and applied graphic effects to modify source images prior to the conversion process if necessary, including adjustment of grayscale and sharpness, as well as adding water-color, sepia, blurring, embossing and similar operations.

In addition to its German audience, fCoder Group, Inc. supports versions in other languages. For more information about fCoder Group, Inc. and the scope of its updated German edition of ImageConverter Plus, go to: www.imageconverterplus.com

About fCoder Group, Inc.:

fCoder Group, Inc. is a software company recognized for its leadership in the image processing and conversion industry. Thousands of businesses, government offices and educational institutions currently use fCoder Group software, including NASA, the Ford Motor Co., the University of Houston, Intel Australia Pty Ltd., and the University of New Orleans. Founded in 1998, the company is headquartered in Alexandria, Va. For more information, visit: imageconverterplus.com