The future of image Usage Rights search – the use of EXIF

Press Release (For immediate release)
Aug 20, 2009

On July 9th, Google added an option to its Image Search function to filter images according to their Usage Rights. Later, they introduced a method for webmasters to specify explicitly the license for their images. Google advises that this be accomplished with RDFa; i.e., the markup of a webpage.

Vitaly Doroshin, President of fCoder Group, Inc, makers of Image Converter Plus, comments on the situation. “Google has always been on the edge of technology, so it’s no wonder that it introduced a feature that allows photographers and image owners to specify the license for these images on their websites. At the same time, there is already a method available to store different kinds of meta information in image files themselves. In JPEG files, for example, such information can be stored in EXIF. Therefore, Google’s logical next step would be to read the license and copyright information directly from EXIF. Doing so would make life much easier for photographers-instead of editing Web pages, they could simply convert all of their photos batch wise, filling in the required EXIF fields.”

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