fCoder Group, Inc. Launches Website for German Clients

Press Release (For immediate release)
Jul 8, 2009

Virginia software company expands online support

to its international ImageConverter Plus customers.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (July 8, 2009) – The fCoder Group software company in Virginia has launched a German language website to broaden its service to international clients using the firm’s most recent edition of ImageConverter Plus.

ImageConverter Plus is premium graphics management software designed for personal and professional use, offering quick reliable turnaround of large batches of images while reducing users’ work load. The software is perfect for a fast-paced professional environment, but is easy enough for individuals to use in a private setting.

“Our new website testifies to the global nature of living in the 21st century, said Laisan Shafikova, CEO of fCoder Group, Inc. “We value our German clients, and I believe this new ImageConverter Plus website will greatly enhance the customer service we provide.”

ImageConverter Plus supports dozens of formats as well as right-click manipulation in Windows Explorer, allowing users to select uniform image size, a favored file format, and destination folders for automatic conversion of multiple photos, faxes and other documents.

“The beauty of this product is that it can run behind the scenes, while users work on other tasks on their computers,” said Shafikova. “Time is valuable. So when we can hand back minutes and hours in a person’s day, we know we have software that can transform offices around the world.”

Although meant for mass-processing of images, the software is flexible and allows for modification and application of graphic effects to individual images prior to the conversion process. Sharpness and grayscale can be adjusted, and sepia, watercolor and other effects can be applied. ImageConverter Plus designers also have ensured that images retain overall color quality and proper proportions throughout the conversion process.

In addition to its German customers, fCoder Group, Inc. provides service to numerous other international clients and produces a range of products. For more information about fCoder Group, Inc., visit its English language site at www.fcoder.com.

To go to the German language ImageConverter Plus website, click: www.imageconverterplus.de.

About fCoder Group, Inc.

fCoder Group, Inc. is a software company recognized for its global leadership in the image processing and conversion industry. Thousands of businesses, government offices and educational institutions currently use fCoder Group software applications, including NASA, Intel Australia Pty Ltd., Project Gutenberg, MAN B&W Diesel A/S, Ford Motor Co., and the University of Houston. Founded in 1998, the company is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.