fCoder Group views new features for Image Converter Plus 8.0

Press Release (For immediate release)
Aug 5, 2009

Alexandria, VA (Aug. 5, 2009) – New features designed to work with remote servers are being added to Image Converter Plus 8.0, specialized software for single-click batch image processing and conversion slated for release later this year.

With the new version of Image Converter Plus, users will be able to send images via e-mail after converting them. This feature, along with profiles, will provide a standardized document exchange system in an office environment.

Another long-awaited feature is FTP upload. Users will be able to upload batches of converted images to a remote server via FTP while preserving the structure of folders. Those who are working intensively with websites and FTP storage surely will appreciate the simplicity and ease of the uploading process.

These new features mark important step towards a complete single-click image conversion solution.

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