fCoder Group Inc. announces new policy updates and offers profitable business solutions for its customers

Press Release (For immediate release)
May 17, 2012

Alexandria, VA, May 17, 2012 – fCoder Group, Inc. announces new update policy for ImageConverter Plus, its popular image converter. In order to provide greater convenience for customers, starting June 2012 each program version will include the year when it was released (i.e. 2012,6,1,1).

ImageConverter Plus is the image conversion and resize expert. While major software updates are released at least once a year, software improvement efforts are made on a daily basis and include the addition of support for new image formats. Minor software updates take place at least twice a month.

ImageConverter Plus is an up-to-date image converter. There are no limits on its image conversion possibilities – the software provides support for more than 260 image formats and more than 800 format dialects. The software supports multiple image format specifications. As an example, support for all JPEG format specifications makes ImageConverter Plus an ideal JPEG converter. Image resize is one of the unique converter features – images of practically any size can be resized easily.

Great news for business – Software Development Kit (SDK) for ImageConverter Plus is now available to everyone.

Beginning in 2012, 2D graphics professionals and software developers can benefit from the unlimited capabilities of Graphics Engine. Graphics Engine by fCoder Group, Inc. supports each and every type of image conversion and image resize; SDK allows users to process unlimited number of images of unlimited size and can work on both Windows and Linux platforms.

fCoder Group, Inc. keeps improving its free resources, including online conversion options and the image viewer MyViewPad. MyViewPad is now available in German.

fCoder Group, Inc. was founded in 1998. The company provides image and document processing solutions. Its most popular software programs are ImageConverter Plus and Universal Document Converter. The company aims at continual improvement and business growth.

fCoder Group’s target customers are graphics professionals. Its software programs are used by private businesses and educational institutions.