Send Converted Images Directly to Mobile Devices via Bluetooth: Available Soon in Image Converter Plus

Press Release (For immediate release)
Sep 24, 2009

Laisan Shafikova, CEO of fCoder Group, Inc., discusses new features available soon in Image Converter Plus.

Alexandria, VA September 24, 2009 — Laisan Shafikova, CEO of fCoder Group, Inc., discusses the new directions company is taking in the development of its graphics conversion software Image Converter Plus:

“Most of our users have to do repetitive operations everyday. We strive to help them avoid those meaningless operations while reaching their goals — with guaranteed excellent results. This is what Image Converter Plus is all about: single click conversion. A single click instead of tiresome editing of the same conversion settings each time they need to convert images.”

“We mastered routine automation in the conversion process, and now we want to take it further. Users need to do more than convert images; they need to place or send them somewhere. Already Image Converter Plus can send converted images to local or remote folders — but this is not enough. We plan to add options to send converted images via email or to upload photos directly to FTP.”

“Another upcoming feature is an option to send resized and converted images directly to mobile devices via a Bluetooth connection. It allows having photos at hand to show at all times, while saving valuable memory space on a mobile device.”

“Development of technology doesn’t have to make your life harder — it is intended to make it easier. You just need to have the right tools: Image Converter Plus is one of them.”

These features, along with other plans on product development of Image Converter Plus, will be available this year.

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