Entering a new era in photography

We are on the threshold of new era in digital imaging, when image files will encode the color gamut and dynamic range of the original scene, rather that the limited subspace. HDR imaging has been around for at least a couple of decades, but has been popularized more recently by new software tools. The HDR image reveals more of the original scene’s drama. More detail is visible due to the contrast enhancements – adjustments that emphasize tonal transitions and details within a very small space rather than strictly preserving the overall relationship of bright and dark tones across the entire image. Overall contrast and color tone is more expressive. Most HDR techniques currently use software to combine several different exposures of a scene into a single file that maps the full range of luminance at every pixel. This HDR image is then processed in various ways depending on the ultimate usage. With ImageConverter Plus you can post-process and enhance your HDR photos saved in a variety of graphic formats: PSD, EXR, HDRI, DDS, DPX, TIFF, PFM.