Upload Photoshop files to the web

There are hundreds of image formats known to the users. Some of these image formats are very rare; some are specifications of a major image format, but nevertheless, there would not be so many if they were not in demand. When applying to our image converter, the basic need is to convert the image from one format to another for some specific purposes. None of the image formats is perfect, so it’s quite common to convert the image from one format to another. PSD is the image format native of Photoshop, and conversion from PSD to JPEG is one of the most common needs the users face. The PSD image format is proprietary of Photoshop, and this application is the only one able to open these files. JPEG is universally recognized, but cannot provide multiple layers like PSD. PSD gives flexibility when the users need to process images combined of several layers saved into one file. The drawback of PSD is that it saves a lot more information than JPEG which results into bulky files. When the images need to be uploaded to the web, it’s better to convert PSD to JPEG. But PSD is definitely more convenient if you intend to edit your photo.