“Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising”

If you or your company intend to make an exhibition, a biennale, or a showcase, it’s important to advertize the event properly. One of the best ways to promote the event is to make a good visual presentation. By advertising your exhibition or biennale you will attract more guests and participants thus adding significance to what you are doing. Creating a sort of a booklet or a catalogue will help the viewers learn about your company or you personally. Think about testimonials received from visitors in the past, include the textual information about your company and the event and don’t forget about photos. Photography is one of the rare businesses that supplies every kind of business in the world. Not every picture can be used for a booklet or a poster – make sure the photos are of a very high resolution and will look even more amazing even if you print them at 8”x10”. You absolutely need to ensure you get a high quality finished product. It’s unlikely that you will want to spread out booklets or posters that are of low quality and lack attention to detail. By using ImageConverter Plus you can adjust the image dpi to the printing parameters and resize your photos making them either smaller or larger depending on the size of your advertising materials.