Ensuring intellectual property

Copyright is a legal protection of your intellectual property. In the civilized world anything that is created It can be anything – poetry, engineering device, and definitely, graphics. Even amateur photographers tend to protect their authorship with a watermark or another means, let alone graphics specialists. Photos published on the web are very vulnerable – practically anyone can go and download the pictures taken by someone else and claim them as their own ones. If you develop the web design for the customer, it’s also reasonable to protect it just in case your work will be claimed by someone else as his own. Image Converter Command Line offers several methods of copyright – it can be a signature, a company logo, any type of a trademark, etc. Image Converter Command Line is more likely to be utilized by professionals working with thousands of images rather than users working with a limited number of image files. The main advantage of applying the watermark via the command line is that thousands of images can be protected from illegal use via just typing a single command. Using the command line makes things faster, lets add other side operations to the main task (combining them into one bat-file) and adds extra convenience to those users who feel comfortable working with the command line in general.