Decide whether vector or raster images are more suitable for your project

There are two main types of image formats – vector and raster. Vector images are made up of paths in comparison with raster images consisting of individual pixels. The paths of the vector files are used to build lines and geometrical shapes within the images. Sometimes vector formats are preferred to raster ones depending on the project – all depends on the project’s purpose. Sometimes they are used in a combination to achieve the desirable result. Vector images are easier to scale – they can be enlarged without any loss of quality. Vector images are perfect for creating logos, drawings, or diagrams. If you zoom the raster image, you will see tiny blocks that make up the image. Raster images are larger in size, have higher DPI and PPI and are suitable for photographs rather than line art. Basic vector formats include: .pct (Macintosh bitmap graphics format), .eps (Encapsulated PostScript), .svf (Simple Vector Format). ImageConverter Plus can convert vector images into raster formats. Thus, your drawings and diagrams can turn into regular images.