Store your image exactly as it is

The BMP image format is proprietary for Windows. It was developed specifically for the Windows OS and the surrounding programs. The BMP file consists of hundreds of small pixels of color. Apart from the usage by Windows, it’s not really practical to use BMP in other situations. They keep the image detail, but the file size gets tremendously large – the largest of all the existing image formats. The BMP image can be edited and resaved numerous times, and the image quality will remain at the highest level. When editing the BMP image, each pixel can be modified separately from others. BMP supports images of any color depth – can range from black-and-white up to 24-bit color. The BMP images are uncompressed, so they are appropriate for high-quality graphic files, but are not appropriate for transmission over the Internet. BMP images are good for small images and icons which Windows is rich for. They load quickly for a fast screen display which is the biggest plus for working with BMP files. BMP images are supported by ImageConverter Plus for input and output conversion in a single or in a batch mode. If you save images in BMP, this means that you want to keep your image exactly as it is.