Let someone else carry your heavy mail bags

Whether on a business trip or on vacation, this sometimes becomes necessary to email someone the image files. Emailing images is necessary when you prepare a post-release to a certain event and need to email images to the contents manager. Image files that need to be emailed are rarely perfect though to be published anywhere. When you email them, the importance is to adjust the image size to the required parameters. If the image files are bulky, the server will reject them. If we are talking about professional photography, they are also likely to be saved in the image format that does not allow the Internet publishing (simply because of their large size). Extra steps involve image conversion and resize so that the images are in the JPEG or GIF format more appropriate for the Internet usage. Developers of ImageConverter Plus have gone further and introduced an extra convenience – converted images can go directly to your mail box to be sent to the recipient without even leaving the software interface. Instead of choosing the destination folder where the converted images should go, choose “send by email”, and the resulting image files will hit the mailbox of the recipient in seconds!