Improve the quality of your scans for printing purposes

Although technical progress is at its blossom, and most of the books, educational courses and useful articles can be easily downloaded online, we still use faxes and scanners on a regular basis. Scans of the documents sent over to another region, scanned versions of invoices, rare handbooks that are not easy to find in book stores; lectures, musical notes can all be scanned and saved for further distribution, for office or home use, for printing. The quality of the scanned version should definitely be a high one, though sometimes, when a certain book is scanned, it’s hard to avoid black margins around the page. Such document definitely needs correction, namely, it’s desirable to remove the black margins by means of cropping the image. Scanned images are usually saved in PDF or TIFF formats (the size of PDF is definitely smaller), both of which are fully supported by ImageConverter Plus. In general, removing unnecessary elements from your scans can be performed by means of cropping the image. ImageConverter Plus has introduced an extra convenience specifically for the documents’ margins – if you choose “margins autocrop” from a more general “crop” function, black stripes around your image will be removed making the scanned version available for further printing purposes. You can further improve your scans correcting brightness/contrast of the image, etc.