Rendering data stored in a MOD:CA/IOCA format

The MOD:CA file format (The Image Object Content Architecture format) originates from IBM. It’s a complex format that is used for all types of elements: text, graphics, images, vector graphics, etc. This format is most commonly used by government agencies, banking, finance and insurance companies to archive standard forms and other records. This file format provides lossless compression algorithm and supports multi-page files. IOCA is a MOD:CA format specification used for bitmapped images. The most common problem a user encounters is that when he or she tries to view a MO:DCA format document that contains overlays, the document is not displayed properly. ImageConverter Plus provides comprehensive support of the MOD:CA format and its specifications. Image files will be converted without modifying the image data when the original and the output files use the same compression format. Both MO:DCA and RAW IOCA files are supported by our software. Image compression methods we deal with include IBM MRR, group 3MH, group 3, group 4 and uncompressed. The default extension used by this format is ICA.