Impressive testing

Online testing seems quite popular. There are very different types of tests. Some are used for educational purposes, some seem to be like exams, some help reveal your personal traits, inclinations, knowledge aspects. Tests are popular for distance learning, self-studying, online courses etc. Online tests help to determine whether or not a child has some learning disabilities or other issues that would make your child eligible for special education programs. Driving test is something that requires a lot of practice, so high quality pictures for any test are a must. ImageConverter Plus can handle images of any size, any image format , any resolution, etc. Processing any and all types of images is our job. Handling rare or unusual images with ease is our preference. Even if it’s your first time to try and optimize images for online tests, we promise that you will succeed. Images you intend to use for online testing may seem all different varying by size and image format. ImageConverter Plus can make them all identical in their qualities resizing them. A separate question that arises refers to image proportions. In case you want to disregard the original proportions of an image choose “no” at the setting called “keeping proportions” when you resize your picture. Thus, a newly created image will turn out square.