Best can always be even better

RAW format presents the images of the highest quality and we take it for granted. Indeed, if each and every image touch is “hand-made”, then the result is expected to be the best of all. RAW format means nothing for those users who simply like to take pictures and get the immediate result. RAW is for those photographers who care about every pixel of a photo and are ready to spend hours at the computer processing the “raw” image data. Shooting in the RAW format means that you capture the scene as if it were a digital negative. It is not an image file. It is lossless data received from the camera’s sensor and is high in its dynamic range. ImageConverter Plus can successfully process the raw data from practically all the contemporary cameras, and we keep adding new cameras to our list. But we have introduced another improvement in our raw-processing capabilities – now you yourself can control the quality of the output image files from the RAW format. This option is available in a configuration file – icp.ini (you will find it among all the other files of the ImageConverter Plus folder). If you want to improve the quality of the files converted from RAW, find the section [General] and add the line:
rawinterp=1. In case you already have the same configuration (it will depend on your OS) that states rawinterp=0, simply change “0” for “1”. This change will significantly improve the quality of your converted RAW images.