Make the focus or center of attention clear

Practically every image needs some type of correction. Whether it’s not sharp enough, or too dark, or there are details that appeared in the photo accidentally and should be removed, all these things require us spending some time at the computer and improving the image quality. Cropping is one of the most common tasks for image correction. It’s not just a technical operation – it helps the viewer concentrate on the most important part of the photo thus revealing each photo’s essential meaning. Even if there are more than one images of the same thing they may carry a different purpose. One can concentrate on someone’s face expression, another one on the same person’s posture, the third one will carry out the general atmosphere showing the background. Cropping can also be different depending on the task. You’ve definitely come across some art books of famous artists where there may be several shots of the same picture focusing on a person’s hands, face, etc and thus demonstrating what a master the artist is. This is one of the most vivid examples of the meaning of image cropping. Photographer is also an artist in some way. When you crop an image try to remove the elements that may distract the viewer’s attention. The concept of cropping also includes the opportunity to improve the image composition. For instance, when there is a photo of a mountain chain it’s better to remove some elements in the foreground so that the horizontal line looks longer. ImageConverter Plus can crop your images combining this operation with several other ones if necessary. When an image is cropped pixels are physically removed so the more pixels you capture, the more flexibility you have in cropping later. Capturing pictures at the maximum resolution provides the greatest amount of flexibility, as large portions of an image can be removed yet still provide sufficient resolution for printing.