fCoder Group to participate in CeBIT – Hannover, Germany

Even those who are not real fans of digital world cannot stay away from novelties and cannot fail but pay attention to new trends, new developments and research. Whenever some breakthrough in data storage technology, in computing or in anything that may change the world of IT happens, it is widely announced on TV and other media. But an exhibition is definitely the best place to try new things and to see as many upcoming releases and digital technology improvements as possible. One of the most significant events in this field is the CeBIT exhibition annually held in Hannover, Germany. Regular visitors and professional participants have a chance to learn the latest digital trends and industry news and be inspired by innovations. This exhibition offers a good chance for IT developers to demonstrate their products, to cooperate with other businesses and to attract more customers. fCoder Group, Inc. is planning to participate in the CeBIT exhibition held in Hannover, Germany, from March 6 through March 10. We will concentrate on our two main products – ImageConverter Plus and Universal Document Converter . All the visitors to CeBIT are invited to come to our stand, express concerns or ideas and suggest software improvements. Although we are always happy to get your feedback by email, a chance to meet our customers personally is a much better experience.