Shoot without noise

Taking a photo with a good camera one can assume that high quality photo will be produced by default. Still, there may be quite a few disappointments when there is digital noise, or some other drawbacks in the image. Digital noise is a bunch of specks in the photo that do not exist in reality. For example, instead of a perfectly blue sky, you notice some little spots of purple or another color. Noise is practically inevitable when using extended exposure time or high ISO settings. There are cameras that are noise-free, and these are DSLR cameras (though their quality may vary fr om one model to another). Another source of noise may come from photos taken under unfavorable conditions – for example, when there is not enough light. To avoid digital noise, try to keep the ISO settings low and exposure times short. These measures should reduce the problem severity. Smoothing noise is also possible when applying the correct the color of the scanned imagesmoothing noise effect. This effect is very efficient when dealing with lim ited color range or 1-bit images, though can be applied to any images. All the pixels creating digital noise will be removed and/or soothed. Some photographers though may want to keep the digital noise, or to even add more noise to add some artistic effect.