One bit per pixel: simple yet complicated

OTA Nokia Logo is the file format that belongs to Nokia. When trying to open the files with file extension .otb, there may be numerous errors, because it’s a rare application able to view and convert proprietary Nokia files. This file format is a complicated messaging format. It’s a bitmap format and was used for sending pictures on Nokia phones . It contains a monochrome bitmap image maximum of 255×255 pixels. It is very rare for an OTA bitmap to measure anything other than 72×28 pixels (for picture messages) or 72×14/72×13 (for operator logos). This image format is monochrome and is only 1 bit per pixel. It is uncompressed and was designed specifically for cell phones. Conversion of OTA format into other image formats may help in further developments in the field of cell phone graphics. This format is a rare one, but ImageConverter Plus provides the possibilities to convert it into 13 output formats.