We know what you did last night!

Looking at someone who is busy doing something for you while you rest, is probably the dream everyone dreams once in a while. Supervising things instead of really doing something seems much more pleasant, that’s why practically everyone would like to become a boss one day. Tedious jobs and repeated tasks all cause frustration and desire to organize things the way they work by themselves. We try to simplify our life by developing remote controllers, hands-free equipment, car alarms – all that allows taking control of something without too many unnecessary movements. Understanding the needs of our customers, developers of ImageConverter Plus have introduced numerous options for our graphics professionals who have to process thousands of images every day. Not only can they combine complicated tasks into a single bat-file, but they can also make this bat-file work remotely. The bat-file is a set of commands that can be executed one after another via our command-line interface. The bat-file can be compared with a profile – the name which our non-professional users may be more familiar with. command-line of ImageConverter Plus together with the Windows Task Scheduler can do magic things – namely, allow you run your bat-file at a specific time. All except this preparatory work will be done on an automatic basis – no matter day or night, when you specify what conversion task you would like to fulfill, it will be accomplished flawlessly and in a timely manner. Your settings depend on your individual preferences – schedule your conversion to accomplish the task every day, every hour, every week – it all does not matter for your remote friend ready to give a helping hand.