Convert high resolution picture to a low resolution one

Digital photography is constantly improving. There are some stereotypes and basic rules involved, where some are true, and some are not. The fact that the image quality has to do with the number of pixels the image contains, is commonly known, so people try to purchase expensive cameras and do their best to shoot images of the highest possible resolution.

Advanced digital products mean higher quality visual experience with sharper, more realistic images. Even when enlarged, high resolution images will be sharp and clear without any digital noise.

A low resolution image will have jagged curves and will look blurry. Although high resolution is great for printing purposes, it may cause problems when images have to go to the web.

They are so bulky – they not only occupy a lot of space on your hard drive, but also have a lot of obstacles to being available through the online resources. To decrease the image resolution you have to apply resize.

When resizing images using Image Converter Plus, you can specify the desired number of pixels of the resulting image file. In other words, quality control still remains available.

Even professional photographers who have blogs usually upload lower resolution pictures on their blogs to protect their works besides just putting their watermark.

However, the pictures still look great and the only way to really see the low-resolution is if someone decides to “steal” a photo and print it out.