Customize a promotional t-shirt

When someone is wearing a t-shirt with an image and/or a text on it, we barely wonder where the image comes from. What we pay attention to is the image itself. Indeed, images on t-shirts can be considered powerful advertising tools. Whatever you want the viewer to pay attention to – your company name, your artwork, or your sports team, a good quality image is a must. But have you thought about the way these images are created? There are several operations that you will need to apply. To enlarge a certain image, apply resize. ImageConverter Plus can make your images larger or smaller, and the highest image quality is guaranteed. Not every image format is suitable for such processing. The most commonly ones accepted are JPEG, GIF, and PNG. Different companies may work with different types of graphic files, but resize applied, and conversion options in between those formats are the two main aspects required. In order to guarantee an optimal result during printing, the resolution of your image must be at least 200 dpi. If the file size and dimensions of your image allow it, don’t hesitate to increase the resolution to 300 dpi. If the images are of poor quality, the final product will also be of poor quality, and even won’t be able to be printed, that’s why preparatory work guarantees 50% success of your promotion.