The oldest “tablet” known

No one is surprised nowadays when seeing lots of people using tablets. But do you know that the first tablet was introduced into the market in the 1990s and was called PalmPilot. The PalmPilot elegantly tracked contacts, notes, to-dos and events, all synchronized to your desktop computer. It was a general-purpose computer used for specialized applications, and was small enough to fit in a pocket. Although this device is not widely used nowadays, some users like it because of the ability to use stylus. PalmPilot’s native file format is PDB. PDB is normally a text file and has some similar features with the PDF format, since it’s good for storing documents, though PDB is not so universally accepted, of course. The team of ImageConverter Plus still gets inquiries from the PalmPilot users requesting to convert the PDB file format into more commonly used ones (typically PDF). This image conversion, as well as conversion of PDB images into other image formats, is fully supported by ImageConverter Plus.