Receive faxes safely

Facsimiles we receive are not necessarily printed out. Sometimes they are saved electronically in specific image formats, one of which is FXM. This file extension is associated with WinFax owned by Symantec Corporation. Although the program has not been updated for almost 10 years, it still exists in many computers running Windows XP. Since lots of users still find Windows XP to be a useful OS, the FXM image format is not so infrequent. The drawback of using it is that it’s not easily interpreted, and in order to process the files received one needs the software able to recognize and convert FXM files into something more universally accepted. The most practical image conversion that can take in this respect is conversion to PDF. The PDF image format carefully embraces the original file contents and interprets it on any application one needs. Each and every piece of information from the FXM format will be reflected in PDF and protected from being altered by the third parties. This is really useful in case the information received is valuable, although it’s more practical not to send valuable information by fax and use other more reliable resources. The advantage of converting FXM to PDF is that PDF supports multipage layout. So, separate FXM pages can be combined into a single PDF brochure when necessary.