Usage error: “cannot open image file”

The number of image formats is really diverse and such are their interpretation methods. Same file format may have different file extensions; each image format may combine several traits of another format. What’s more, even the OS can cause errors when one tries to open a file, and the phrase like “invalid format or file” causes a lot of frustration directed to both – the file itself and the computer in general. Why does that happen and what solutions exist in this respect? Sometimes the file is corrupted. This can be caused by application failures or system crashes. This can also happen due to viruses. Another reason is rare or outdated image formats you come across. You cannot open a certain file directly because the computer simply does not recognize it, and neither do some graphic applications. Whatever the reason, try to open a file with ImageConverter Plus. We really like solving difficult tasks and encourage you to enlarge our list of supported formats. Open the program and take a look at the arrow in the right top corner. If you click it you will find the problem files already in the list. We are going to perform an analysis and will respond to you shortly about each problem found. Just note that ImageConverter Plus is known to provide support for the largest number of existing image formats. Still, the world of graphics changes, and variations of this or that image files still come out, so we have to keep an eye on them.