Just like a fulfillment manager

Time planning is a great benefit. Those who are capable of creating functional plans are able to fulfill more with less effort and with less amount of frustration. They plan things in advance, schedule “to do” things, phone calls, meetings, etc. There is even a special job called a “fulfillment manager”. He makes sure customers receive their correct orders in good condition and on schedule. He directs his team in processing shipments and resolving customer complaints. The necessity to do things on time also refers to a specific computer program you run on a regular basis, especially if you do something for customers who care about their order done on time. Unfortunately, there is no way so far to schedule conversion tasks using traditional program interface, but it quite possible using command-line. No matter how many files you need to convert command-line of ImageConverter Plus can combine several tasks in one batch-file. This sequence of commands will be executed one after another. Scheduling things you do on a regular basis can be fulfilled using Windows Task Scheduler . This feature will open the task automatically and will do all the tedious jobs you hate doing yourself. You only need to specify the time preference and the periodicity. The batch-file of your choice should be inserted into the Windows Task Scheduler and will be run automatically every day, week, or month according to your preference.