Process DDS layers for your 3d games characters modeling

The PC games are developing really fast nowadays and make the users get inside the virtual world thus distracting them fr om the real one. One can create his/her own game characters with their own personality and appearances. The characters make their own decision and change their moods. The range of games is also wide – fr om “Kudos” wh ere one can live a virtual life, answer phone calls, go dating, visit a fitness center, etc. to “Total War Center” wh ere the name speaks for itself, or different vehicle simulators. The users can customize their game characters a lot reflecting their feelings and emotions. Some games are easy to mod, and some require special skills. There is one common thing that is typical of most 3d games – DDS textures that need editing. DDS is the image format that is widely used in games. This file format is very diverse – there are at least several types of the DDS textures. Note that the textures should contain mipmaps (the same texture copied several times but with lower resolution down to almost a single pixel). When one has a need to edit a game character various conversions to and from the DDS format are required. The most common one are from TGA to DDS, from DDS to PNG, and from PNG to DDS. This is not a rare case when textures cover the models, or black parts appear over the screen and spoil the impression, that’s why using decent image converter is really advisable. ImageConverter Plus provides comprehensive support for the DDS format letting the users get flawless results of any conversion jobs.