Where does the noise come from?

Many people have unrealistic expectations of their digital images. Thinking that the more expensive the camera is – the more guarantees for a perfect shot, and they don’t even think that there are circumstances that prevent photos fr om turning out flawless. Digital noise is likely to appear as snowy spots in the photograph, pale areas of white, or blotchy patches wh ere there should be a uniform gradation of shade. Digital noise can be caused with several circumstances: low light (night photos or dark scenes), slow shutter speed, high sensitivity mode. One can’t completely prevent digital noise, but some precautions can be taken. You should pay attention to the 2 main parameters: sensitivity and shutter speed. You can experiment with their settings and see which combination generates the least amount of noise. If there is no way to avoid digital noise no matter what you do ImageConverter Plus offers a special digital noise remover. Download ImageConverter Plus. When adding operation click on “color effect” and then “smoothing noise”. The remaining noise will be removed making your photos perfect.