Squeeze yourself into a small car or get a larger one

Resizing images with the highest possible quality retained is the main advantage of ImageConverter Plus. There are no limits for resize – one can create thumbnails for the website or create larger images out of regular photos. Although making images smaller is more frequent than enlarging them, the latter task is not so uncommon. When looking for the software able to enlarge an image keeping its original quality the users come across numerous obstacles. When trying to get poster-size images out of regular ones they are not satisfied with the image quality – the images turn to be blurred, and the quality loss is inevitable. Although some software programs announce the ability not to deteriorate the image quality the resulting image is still way too pixilated. ImageConverter Plus can enlarge your images significantly, but we need to warn our users that you will still lose a bit of sharpness depending on how much larger you decide to make the photo. You cannot avoid “pixilation” which takes place if one enlarges a smaller image to a big extent. The reason for the quality degradation is because raster images are limited by their pixel resolution. A digital image is stored as pixels, small dots of color on your screen. The bigger the original image – the smaller these dots are, but if it turns larger the dots are very obvious. Although there are additional image effects you can further apply on your image making it sharper we still advise you not to enlarge the image too much.