Support of RAW for Panasonic DMC-GH2 camera

The advantage to working with RAW file format directly is that it stores only raw data. Working with RAW files is more like working with a traditional film negative that can be developed and enhanced. The beauty of RAW is that you always have the unprocessed file to work and experiment to your heart’s desire. There are several advantages to performing any of the RAW conversion steps on a computer, as opposed to within a camera. What you get shooting in RAW is: flexible white balance, more dynamic range, enhanced sharpening, lossless compression. One problem with the RAW file format is that it is not very standardized. Each camera has its own proprietary RAW format, and there is a necessity to find a program able to read and convert formats of as many cameras as possible. ImageConverter Plus can perform batch processes for RAW files of lots of contemporary cameras like Panasonic DMC-GH2. And our list of supported cameras is constantly updated.