How to create and process surreal photos

Digital photography is very diverse. Those who are a little tired of taking regular photos with simple cameras try DSLR cameras, experiment with a variety of image formats and even try HDR photography. There are two ways of creating HDR photos: one can be done with special equipment, while the most common one called “pseudo HDRI” is done by combining together several shots so that they create a picture representing a wider range of tones in a photo. With usual photography some elements of a photo are sacrificed when we press the shutter, so HDR photography helps gain this lack of detail. HDR photography serves 2 purposes: to maximize realism and to create surreal photos. Processing HDR images is not so simple without special software. ImageConverter Plus can easily handle HDR images of a variety of image formats: PSD, EXR, HDRI, DDS, DPX, TIFF, PFM.