Lost or damaged image files – is there a solution?

Each time you convert images the main purpose is to get output files of the highest quality. This depends on many factors such as accuracy in profile settings, quality of the original image files, etc. How to prevent undesirable quality loss? First of all, ImageConverter Plus never deletes your source image files. This setting is a default one, so unless you are absolutely certain that the resulting image file will exceed your expectations do not make any amendments with the software default settings. Still, if that has happened, go to the Windows recycle bin to find your lost images. In case you encounter other problems, our support service is always available. In case you have an image file that cannot be opened or converted we encourage you to send us this file. We do our best to expand the list of supported image formats. Our engineers will take a closer look at an image file that seems damaged or really outdated. We cannot guarantee, but we will do our best to help you solve the problem you’ve encountered.