Old family recipes: just like great-grandmother’s

Cooking is a lot of fun if you have a large collection of recipes. To find something what to feed your family with is not a problem nowadays – if you run out of ideas, and if your picky husband and even more picky children no longer like duck breast with cranberries or tuna strew you can either send them to a restaurant or look for more things they would enjoy. Sometimes great ideas have nothing to do with expensive or rare recipes. Or grandmothers could not find a tuna, and had no idea that there was any other type of meat except pork and beef. They still did great jobs maybe because they put all their hearts into cooking something special for the nearest and dearest. These old recipes can be of a great value even now. But how to share these recipes with friends? The main problem is that they are hand-written. The best idea we can suggest is that you scan them and upload them online. The thing that they are hand-written will only add special coloration. What you should note though is that when scanning hand-written recipes they usually turn out in the TIFF format which is not suitable for the web. Providing high quality TIFF files are large, and to upload them to some online resources you should convert them to JPEG. ImageConverter Plus can easily handle this type of conversion. Conversion of TIFF to JPEG files can be accompanied with resizing images if they still turn out to be large. You can create a collection of family recipes that will pass on from one generation to another and will be treasured as a special gift.