Invite more customers to your travel portal

Travel industry is very diverse. There are thousands of travel agencies, hundreds of travel portals, and numerous data bases. The needs of tourists are also quite different – some are looking for specific museums, some are interested in pilgrim tours, some are looking for airlines data let alone hotels and maps. It looks nowadays that practically all the travel specific needs are satisfied by numerous online resources. Clicking on an image one can get the basic and detailed information and photos of the subject under inquiry. But do you know how these data bases are created? If you own a travel portal you definitely need to process digital images. Whether or not you describe some country’s traditions, national cuisine or places of interest plain description without photos will not attract the users. Sometimes the photos are the main asset. The better the image looks the more customers will be attracted to the project. ImageConverter Plus can resize your images by different parameters so that they look like thumbnails everyone will want to click on . Adding some special image effects you can improve brightness/contrast of your photos so that your travel portal reflects the most advantageous things to see and places to visit. Anyone working in the travel industry will benefit from the ability to process images taken in the RAW format. Since RAW is considered more professional and assuring better quality photographers use it a lot, but processing them is not so easy. You can’t upload them to the internet, but you can convert RAW to JPEG, reduce their size and process these images further. We sincerely hope that our image processing software will help you implement your travel project ideas and satisfy all the graphic needs you may encounter.