More visitors, more customers, more Christmas sales

Practically every store arranges Christmas sales. This is a good way to clear the shelves for the upcoming year’s products and to attract more shoppers – people usually flock to stores to buy. More and more of us though tend to shop online, and more and more online shops open almost every month. This type of shopping is more advantageous for both the owners and the customers. The customers benefit from visiting several stores thus comparing prices, avoiding crowds, and saving money. The owners can practice different marketing tools to attract more shoppers without investing too much into hiring staff. But how to get more visitors and turn them into paying customers? We won’t talk now about the increase of the website traffic – this requires a separate article. It’s hard to make your online store different from hundreds of other ones – there are many factors that are of major importance: simplicity of use, attitude and responsibility, speed and helpfulness of your email replies, transparency of return policy and privacy, selection and presentation of products. Creation of a professionally looking catalogue of goods can be performed with the help of ImageConverter Plus. High quality well resized photos of the customer’s future purchases are essential and make them want to buy goods. The magic word “sale” attracts hundreds if not thousands of new visitors. To put some goods on sale on Christmas time, or at any other desired time, just use the watermarking operation of our image converter. ImageConverter Plus can easily help you apply a text watermark on any number of digital images at once – so that the word “SALE” appears big and vivid enough to be paid attention to. Decide which font, text size (just like working in Word!) to use. Plus, you can experiment with the text position and transparency level. Text watermarking is available in the main menu of the program when you open it. Go to “more” and discover advanced options when processing graphic files.