How will you share the Christmas spirit?

When we want to inform others about any life news, what do we usually do? We call friends and relatives and share the excitement or sadness. With the tendency to communicate online more than in person, it becomes important to inform the Internet friends about any news as well. Apart fr om posting something on the wall, we reflect our mood by means of avatars. Avatars may also inform what type of personality we are and make each of us different from the crowd. Our blogs, Twitter, Flicker, and all these places wh ere we leave a bit of our social identity behind all offer yet another chance to upload a picture to represent us in this space. Some people like to use graphics, some use symbols, and some use real photos. We still change them frequently to inform others about any changes. Avatars are usually images saved in the GIF format, especially if they are animated. Each social network or online resource has specific requirements to the size and format of the avatars that can be used. What to do if you like a certain image, but don’t know how to make its size suitable for your avatar? ImageConverter Plus can help you resize the image to the desired size required by the social network. Animated and not animated GIFs can undergo resize. Resizing an animated GIF you just need to specify the output format characteristics correctly: if you want your character to keep moving, the parameter “as as” should be left unchanged (that’s the default setting of ImageConverter Plus). You can experiment with your avatar dividing it into several separate images or saving it as a multipage file. Share the Christmas spirit with everyone – choose your favorite photo and resize it to make the size of the avatar – dancing snowmen, falling snowflakes, blinking Christmas tree lights – they can all reflect your holiday excitement and help others get it from you.