View images and perform basic editing and correction tasks

fCoder Group, Inc. has announced the release of a new version of MyViewPad – free and functional image viewer. The most vivid advantages of the latest version include:

– intuitive interface
– informative right- click menu
– ability to print the image directly from the application
– crop function

This is our very reliable yet free graphics application that enables the users to view images in rare and/or outdated image formats and do image processing. There are hundreds of image formats supported – no matter how many image format variations exist, they can be viewed with MyViewPad. With the new digital era, the quality of images has increased, but this has also led to increasing the image size. Our image viewer can help the users open and view images of any size and not standard formats. Besides, animated images and multipage images are supported for viewing. You can flip your images vertically and horizontally, rotate them, view them in a full-screen mode, scale them, etc. You get access to all the image characteristics, such as color depth, color space, density, EXIF and IPTC data, etc. No matter that there are so many useful features available, we still keep the product free of charge.