Making your photos easier to locate and enjoy

Digital photos provide a fast and easy way to bring back wonderful memories. When there are hundreds of them, it’s better to organize them properly; otherwise it’s easy to lose some nice memory of a special event, or, if digital photography is your business, to fail a good client by losing a certain order. One of the simplest ways to organize your digital images is to save them in folders and subfolders where appropriate. Still, when you have to convert your images, there may be confusion on how to save your output image files. ImageConverter Plus offers quite a few options, namely, several folders to choose from: My Documents – standard Windows folder used to store users’ documents; My Pictures – standard Windows folder used to store user’s pictures; Windows Temp – standard Windows folder used to store temporary files; Source Path – the folder that contains source files; User defined path – if you select this item, you should specify a folder of your choice via the standard dialog box; The list of previously used folders – the program remembers user-defined folders and shows them in this list to simplify choosing folders. But what if there are not just folders, but subfolders as well? ImageConverter Plus lets you make your personal decisions regarding the folder structure. You can choose whether or not to convert images in subfolders; you can restore subfolder structure in the target folder – this means that after image conversion there will be a new folder structure created identical to the one of the source image folder.