File extension .mos. What does it mean?

File extension .mos is probably one of the unusual ones. In case one is not aware that it identifies an image format, the abbreviation will be associated with Moscow, Russia, rather than images captured by a digital camera supporting RAW. The RAW file format can be compared with the negative in film photography. The information saved in the “raw” image is untouched – it comes directly fr om the camera’s sensor and does not really look like a photograph. The quality of the raw image will very much depend on the photographer’s skills. The raw file has to be processed with the computer, and the information saved as “raw” has to be interpreted the way the photographer feels it, rather than have the camera do so. For example, many cameras have options to balance color and correct for shadows. The Raw format takes its information directly from the photo array. In addition, the RAW format doesn’t throw away image information to generate the file. But if the photographer is a professional, advantages of shooting in RAW are obvious: you take control over all the parameters, such as exposure, contrast, clarity, white balance, hue, saturation, levels etc. Because of all calculations, pixel values are more precise, and the end result photo is rendered more accurately and of a much higher quality. RAW format lets you control the exposure and correct under or over-exposed photo without having visible loss of information. Skipping the camera’s automatic processing such as image sharpening and noise reduction gives you the possibility to set it manually. And it also allows you to be more artistic and make so popular HDR photos. Advantages described, definitely refer to practically all the variations of the RAW format, wh ere Creo Photo Raw file format with the file extension .mos is just one of them. The bad news is that camera manufacturers have not created any software that would recognize all the RAW format variations. The more cameras are developed, the more variations of the RAW image formats appear. File extension .mos is proprietary of the Leaf Aptus cameras – production of Mamiya. ImageConverter Plus recognizes RAW files from a lot of contemporary cameras, and support for Leaf Aptus 22 and its RAW variation – Creo Photo Raw file format with file extension .mos has been included into our list. You can convert your RAW files into a wide variety of other image formats.